Roof damage can be caused by a couple of different things. There are a few main causes that will be the problem in almost all roof damage claims. Age, poor maintenance, bad weather especially from a heavy rain/wind storm, or just general wear and tear turning a minor issue into a major problem are the usual reasons for roof damage. In Florida, heavy storms and days on end with torrential rain are common and can cause things like a roof leak or a missing tile which lead to big problems if not properly remedied.

If you own a property that has suffered roof damage and did not receive proper compensation for what you are owed contact Flat Fee Legal Service immediately.

Roof damage can be so expensive not being covered by your insurance could be detrimental to a life plan you may have. An insurance company being greedy is not a good reason to make a person come up and spend money most people might not have saved. The money can be big and that is why with something so important you should hire an expert in this field to get you your money. The first and most important step in this whole process is filing a claim properly and you should hire legal counsel that specializes in this type of law, like Flat Fee Legal Service.

Filing an insurance claim for roof damage can be a difficult process. It should be filed quickly as soon as the damage is seen. Below are the top things to do to get the proper payout from a roof damage claim.


- Contact a qualified contractor

- Make sure you have records of the damage, pictures and videos are easy

- Go through your policy before signing a claim

- Setup a meeting with the adjuster, one should call within 3 days of the claim being filed to setup a meeting for them to inspect the damage.

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