Once property damage occurs it can be a necessity to fix whatever was damaged immediately. Depending on how bad the damage was, it can be urgent and there may not be time to wait on insurance companies to play games. If you have done everything right along the way and made all your payments on time you should expect to see compensation soon for what you need done to fix the damage. However, insurance companies may not give you all the money you deserve and need to fix damage. In an instance like this contact Flat Fee Legal Service so we can help you get all the money you are owed and should receive.

There are multiple reasons why a claim might get underpaid for, some of the main reasons are below:

Making repairs before documenting the damage: In the aftermath of disaster, you may focus on fixing whatever was damaged rather than documenting and keeping record of the damage. An insurance company may use this against you because you have no proof of how bad the damage really was. This is a common reason you may be underpaid by an insurance company.

Incorrect damage value: A common trick insurance companies use is to use an adjuster they know will give them a better estimate than what they should give. Even a great adjuster can give a bad estimate, and insurance companies will use this to their advantage to come up with a claim amount that is as low as possible. If this is what happened to you, contacting a lawyer is the best next step.

Property location: The location of your property can play a big part in determining the amount of compensation. High-risk zones will have lower payouts and underpaid claims, while other areas may be more likely to get a fair payout.

Profit: Insurance companies’ main goal is to make the most money they can. They do this by paying out as little for claims as possible, so they choose to underpay and deny claims they should pay to keep their profits up. This is why the policy holder should know what is in their insurance policy or why they should take it to specialized lawyers who can go through your policy for you.

Flat Fee Legal Service has an expert team with years of experience handling these types of cases. We have gotten many other clients the compensation they were looking for and we can do it for you as well. We are focused on providing a quality service to the people of Florida for many years to come. If you had a claim underpaid, call the specialized lawyers and legal experts at Flat Fee Legal Service, 954-361-7878. We can get you the compensation you deserve.

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