Hurricane Prep Checklist for Homeowners

Prepare for a Hurricane

The first step to being prepared for a hurricane is to know your hurricane risk. Hurricane season in Florida occurs from June to November. During this time try to stay on top of weather reports to know when a hurricane could be coming your way. In the unfortunate circumstance one occurs it is important to have about a 2 week supply of medication, a radio, flashlights with backup batteries, cash, clothing suitable for rain, a weeks-worth of non-perishable foods, and any important documents such as medical records or birth certificates. With Covid-19 ravaging our state it is important to be mindful of how this may affect your hurricane evacuation, be sure to keep lots of masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer as well.

How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

The best thing to do is to keep yourself informed on hurricane updates, if the power is out hopefully you acquired a radio to prepare for such an event. If told to evacuate do not hesitate to gather your necessary belongings and find somewhere safe. During high speed winds you never know what could be getting blown around outside, stay inside of a room preferably with no windows located in the center of your house. If you become trapped in a flooded building get to the highest level, however a closest attic should never be used as you could end up trapped inside. Never attempt to walk, drive, or swim through flood waters, it is much easier to drown than you think, and you never know what objects could be under the surface. If you end up at a shelter remember to keep COVID-19 safety in mind by keeping your mask on. Try to shelter at a friends or families if possible.

Returning Home After a Hurricane

Only return home when local officials say it is safe to do so. If your property has incurred any damage be very careful cleaning anything up and be sure to take a lot of pictures if you wish to file an insurance claim. You may wish to have your home inspected as well in order to find out exactly what is damaged. Some things such as water damage to your roof can be difficult to discover without a proper inspection. Mold can grow from any water left in hard to spot areas which can create a toxic living environment to you. If you wish to file an insurance claim or need help finding a reputable inspector, you should immediately contact an attorney to assist you. At Flat Fee Legal Service our attorneys are experts at helping homeowners with their post-hurricane needs. We help with filing insurance claims, working with denied or underpaid claims, and much more. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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