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How to File a Property Damage Claim in Florida

How Does Homeowner Insurance in Florida Work?


In Florida, the policy that covers homes or commercial buildings is a contract, despite the fact that the terms and conditions are not usually negotiated on. This “take it or leave it” contract is known as a contract of adhesion. Often insurers will use ambiguous language in these policies to make you think they favor you. However, it comes down to the interpretation of these undefined terms to know what you are covered for.
A contract for property and casualty insurance in Florida provides coverage or liability on the insurers end if a loss is sustained that is determined to fall within the coverage terms of your policy. Most Florida policies cover physical damage to the insured property and include a list of exclusions that are not covered in the contract. Then coverages are added back into the policy for certain perils, usually via the form of endorsement.

Filing a Claim in Florida


In order to file an insurance claim, you must simply notify your insurer of the loss and the circumstances that caused the loss. Next, the carrier assigns an in-house or 3rd party adjuster to contact you or your attorney to investigate the loss. This investigation usually includes a written estimate of the damage observed and could require the insurance company to retain an outside company to provide an investigation. This will usually be an engineering firm. In addition, most insurance claim adjustments in Florida require you to provide your insurer representative documents relevant to the property or loss, as well as a recorded statement or examination under oath, possibly both. It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of legal counsel such as Flat Fee Legal Service in Hollywood. Many claim denials are from information garnered from ill prepared claimants. Contact us today at 954-361-7878!

Claim Denial


If your claim is denied by the insurance company it is because of a policy exclusion that was identified that was not provided in your coverage. The reasons for denials vary widely but could be reasons like failure to comply with a condition precedent, excluded causes of observed damage, or failure to comply with post loss obligations. Regardless of the reason don’t fret, Flat Fee Legal Service in Hollywood specializes in claim denial and can help review the validity of your claim and dispute wrongfully denied claims. Get the money you are owed by calling us today at 954-361-7878!

Claim Confirmation

Sneaky insurance companies try to make money by low balling or providing partial coverage for your loss. Your property is of utmost importance to you and it is important to do your due diligence to protect it. Large insurance companies have an approved vendor list that provide loss estimates. These vendors generate obscene amounts of money for insurance company contracts and have implicit bias against you. Even if you’re satisfied with the estimate provided by your insurance, you should consult with an insurance attorney, such as the experienced attorneys at Flat Fee Legal Service.

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