Homeowners Insurance

If your property has suffered damage from anything such as a natural disaster, hurricane, storm, fire, or water damage, you depend on your insurance provider to be there for you. Month after month paying the premium is exactly for times when you need them. If your insurance company denies or will not pay out your full claim, call Flat Fee Legal Service, our expert team can get you what you are entitled to.

Shifty insurance companies can deny claims for any number of reasons, and it may be a challenging and complicated process to get it back. However, you are entitled to compensation and Flat Fee Legal Service can navigate through a process that may be complicated for others. Let us do the work to get you what you deserve.

Our team of capable and talented professionals at Flat Fee Legal Service is based in Hollywood, Florida. We have the experience and knowledge of the law to fight your homeowner’s insurance claim in the great state of Florida.

Our lawyers offer free property inspection and policy evaluation to obtain and put together all the necessary information to fight the denied claim. All aspects of the case will be taken into consideration and we will do everything in our power to get you what you deserve. Once you can give us the needed information, we can start working on your behalf.

No matter if it is a leaky roof, a moldy room, a burst pipe, storm damage, or anything in between we will work our hardest to get you every last penny and dime you deserve. An insurance company should not be able to kick you when other damages already have you down. Call today and contact Flat Fee Legal Service by calling 954-361-7878, to be represented from anywhere in Florida.

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