Flood Damage

Flooding is when a normally dry piece of land is suddenly submerged and can occur for many different reasons. Burst pipes, Storm surge, faulty engineering, hurricanes, and excessive rain are the typical reasons flooding would occur. Flooding is one of the worst things that could happen to your property and can do some of the worst damages. If flooding damaged your property and your property insurance company denies your claim contact our property insurance claim experts at Flat Fee Legal Service in Hollywood, Fl.

Flooding can come out of nowhere and cause overwhelming damages that can rack up quite a price to fix. Not only the actual building itself can be damaged but everything inside can be flooded too, everything on the first floor would most likely be ruined. Flooding can give you expenses not foreseeable by anyone and being insured for a flood is very important to prevent paying everything out of pocket.

If you have a flood insurance policy, you are entitled to compensation to repair the property that was insured and damaged by flooding. Usually there is not a denial of the claim but a difference in what the insured and the insurer feel is appropriate payment. If you feel that you were not compensated adequately, call Flat Fee Legal Service at 954-361-7878.

The steps to the  insurance process are very important and you must do things precisely. These are the steps below -

  • Consult insurance provider – The first thing to do when seeking compensation after a flood is to reach out and contact your insurance provider. Wait for the adjuster to contact you and do not try and do too much on your own. Keep your insurance information handy.

  • Document the damage with pictures – Take pictures of anything that was damaged. It is important to not clean up your property before you take the pictures, because we must be able to see the damage that was caused. Please take pictures or videos before you change anything about the appearance. Give it to the adjuster when him/her visits for negotiations.

  • Confirm “proof of loss” statement – When the adjuster visits, the entire property will be inspected for any damages or losses. You must sign a “proof of loss statement” which goes in detail about everything that has been damaged or destroyed, as inspected by the adjuster.

If you need a lawyer to get you what you need from a denied or partially paid flooding claim, get in contact with our experienced and expe rt team of professionals. Call Flat Fee Legal Service anytime at 954-361-7878, to start getting the best representation you can. We are based in Hollywood, Fl, but handle claims anywhere in Florida.

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