If you own property, you have property insurance to protect that investment. Whether commercial or not you must protect your belongings, and insurance is the best way to do it. When something happens and it is time for the insurance company to pay up, many times they will not pay. Making an insurance claim can be a difficult and long process, and insurance companies do not help. When something bad happens, you need the money to fix whatever happened urgently before it gets worse, or if you cannot live or work because of the damages. If you have a property insurance claim get denied, contact Flat Fee Legal Service to help you get from the beginning stages to getting compensated.

There are different reasons for a claim to be denied, below are some of the main reasons.

Misrepresenting damage: Lying or exaggerating property damage is a big reason claims get denied. Misrepresenting property damage can have you facing prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. Be precise when describing a claim because that is the easiest step to getting compensated.


Insufficient documentation: Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. If there is damage on your property take a picture of it as is. This is so crucial yet easily forgotten. Proving damage can be difficult with no proof but if you have taken pictures and plenty of them it is hard for an insurance company to say you are making it up or to be able to contend the truth behind what you say.

Incorrect Identification: A major reason that claims get denied is that the source of the damage Is incorrectly identified. If the reasons behind the property damage are incorrectly identified insurance companies have a reason to deny your claim and most likely they will.

Late Payment: This goes without saying but if you do not pay your premium on time, you may not be covered and may have your claim denied. Especially if it Is not the first time making late payments, the insurance companies may claim that you had no coverage at the time of the damage.

At Flat Fee Legal Service, we strive to get you the compensation that you are entitled to. Our attorneys have years of valuable experience in this field and have refined their skills to make sure everything is done properly to get the insurance company to pay out. We will work on your behalf to do everything right in this process that may be difficult to a non-professional.  

If your insurance claim has been denied in the state of Florida, give our expert team at Flag Fee Legal Service a call at 954-361-7878.

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