What to Do if Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

Do Your Research

First, you need to know what is covered or excluded under your homeowners insurance policy. It is very common for insurance companies to wrongfully deny property damage claims.   We recommend consulting with our attorneys as soon as possible for a free insurance policy review.  We can also assist with coordinating a free property inspection with a Florida licensed  public adjuster qualified to account for all damages associated with your claim.

Build Your Case

Be sure to take extensive pictures documenting all of your property damage. Claims are often denied due to lack of evidence supporting the claim.  Take pictures from multiple angles.  Document the loss in writing as well while your memory is still fresh.  Insurance companies will send their own inspectors to review your damage.  Following these inspections, you may receive a low-ball offer to settle your claim.  To avoid short-changing yourself in a bad deal, we recommend retaining a public adjuster to property assess the value of  your loss.  Contact Flat Fee Legal Service in Hollywood to request a free inspection!   The last step to building your case is to have evidence that your home is up to date. Claims can be denied if the inspector believes the damage to have occurred from the homeowner's negligence.

Appeal Your Denied Claim

Once you have gathered sufficient evidence of a wrongful claim denial contact our office right away.  We assist policyholders every step of the way from the filing of the claim through settlement.  Our extensive history and depth of industry contacts make us a key player in protecting homeowners from paying out-of-pocket.  To schedule your free consultation, please call 954-361-7878. Alternatively, visit and fill out the contact form for a firm representative to schedule a free consultation with an expert property damage attorney about your case.

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