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Do you have commercial property or a business that has been damaged or even destroyed due to fire damage, water damage, a natural disaster, or vandals? The professionals and attorneys at Flat Fee Legal Service can serve you and help recover what is owed to you by insurance companies. If you are unsure about your policy or if you are covered that is information that Flat Fee Legal Service would be able to help you with. Call us today to help you get what you are entitled to, and be the experts you need to get it done.

Our team knows how complicated insurance claims and insurance policies for businesses and commercial properties can be in the state of Florida. Owners often do not know of things that could benefit them and overlook easy benefits. Flat Fee Legal Service can look through your policy and help file your claim properly, so you do not have to worry about the difficult process. We can help you recover past due payments, claim denials, and partial payments from your insurer.

Our team at Flat Flee Legal works swiftly on your behalf to go through the entire claims process from mediation, settlement negotiations, claim appeals, and anything else that may arise from this long and tedious process. We can and will look through every aspect of your policy, coverage, and claim thoroughly. We can address commercial claims, affecting the actual building or the contents of your business, and additional expenses that may be needed after a natural disaster, or vandalism. Trust us to review, analyze, and advise you based on the information you have, to deal with a tricky insurance company after you go through a business interruption.

A free property inspection and a free policy evaluation is just one way we show we can be there for you when an insurer is not. Contact Flat Fee Legal Service at 954-361-7878 to speak to an expert commercial property claims lawyer today. We handle cases anywhere in Florida.

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