In Florida, burst pipes can be very common especially in older homes and buildings with weaker infrastructure. Pipes usually burst for one of three reasons: they are old, damage caused high water pressure in the piping, or just using the wrong pipes for what you need. Burst pipes can cause extreme water damage to your property and can cause mold in many cases. The pipes bursting can cause problems throughout the property especially if it starts building up water and is not stopped immediately if your home or property ruins a kitchen, walls, floors, or personal belongings. If you have or would like to file a lawsuit against your property insurance provider about a burst pipe claim that was denied or not paid in full, please contact Flat Fee Legal Service.

Burst pipes can surprise you at any time and leave you stunned to walk in and find out that there is a hole in the wall, inches of water built up, or a wet ceiling. This surprise can come out of nowhere and leave parts of your house destroyed. Different problems such as lack of insulation can lead to other problems like abnormally high water pressure which can make pipes burst. It may take a while to search for the right person to fix the problem, and your insurance company may give you the names of water damage mitigation companies. The first step to fixing damage caused by a burst pipe is to photograph damage and contact your insurer. If your claim is denied the next step is to contact an attorney who is specialized in property damage claims, like Flat Fee Legal Service. Our team has experience and the fortitude to do all the heavy lifting to get you what you deserve from your insurance company.

When you contact your insurance company they may deny your claim or only give you a portion of the cost to fix the damage. Fighting these insurance companies can be very difficult, but you are entitled to compensation and we can get it for you. What you can do is take ample pictures of anything and everything that was damaged, to keep a record for the adjuster.

At Flat Fee Legal Service our attorneys are specialized to get you everything you deserve from an insurance company who chooses to wrong you. Contact our expert team today to get this process started. 954-361-7878.

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Burst Pipes